Virus Diaries

The story of a clinically extremely vulnerable person navigating their way through the pandemic.

About the film

As part of a sixteen woman and two man team, we have collaborated to bring this film together over twelve months.


The film gives a unique insight into Emily Holt's personal experience of the pandemic, bringing us closer to the realities of being clinically extremely vulnerable at this time. 




Emily Holt is a 46 year old woman living in Hove, UK. She is originally from Camden Town, London. She has an ironic sense of humour and a quizzical left eyebrow. Her role model is Monty Python’s Black Knight. Before the pandemic, you are likely to have spotted her trundling along the seafront in all weathers on her wheelchair Berkelbike wearing a sparkly vest top.

Emily was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in her final year at Wimbledon College of Arts. On graduation she won a BBC 1999 Design Award for her final university project and set out on her career as a sculptor in film special effects, working with Disney but having to turn down Harry Potter when her disabilities increased.

Since her diagnosis with MS her art has taken new, experimental and digital forms.​

Virus Diaries is her first participatory film.

About Emily Holt

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The film will be made available online very soon!