der Zauber began as a lockdown project in February 2020 by Emily Sutcliffe. Over the past year, she has collaborated with organisations, communities, artists and individuals across the UK to reveal hidden local stories. 

February 2020

Volunteering with Paris68Redux and Extinction Rebellion on a 'How-to make a print poster'.

April 2020

Creating an experimental film about the relationship between humans and nature in suburban Leeds.

July 2020​

Co-creating a promotional film for the NGO Conversations over Borders highlighting the benefits of cultural exchange for personal growth.

August 2020

Producing The Lighthouse, a documentary looking at the lifestyles of cohabiting young people in Brighton.

September 2020

Collaborating with the Trade Union The Industrial Workers of the World to document a montage film showing the recent history of student activism at The University of Sussex. 

November 2020

Produced a film as part of a resource package for “Local People Global Stories”, an online exhibition and education workshop for older primary school students across Leeds. The film speaks with a Refugee in Leeds about their experience of prejudice.

January 2021

Collaborated with Look N Aquire, a new depop business set up in Leeds during the pandemic to produce visual promo material. 

February 2021

I am really excited to share 'Virus Diaries' with you, a participatory film I have been producing since March 2020.


'Virus Diaries' is directed by Emily Holt, an artist who has Multiple Sclerosis. The film is a diary of her thoughts and experiences whilst shielding from Covid-19. 

Future projects include... a music video with The Purple Hat Mob in Liverpool ...

On reflection

Despite being in lockdown for the majority of the past year, der Zauber has been personally rewarding because it has meant that I have continued to discover new ideas, people and places.